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SAMPLE CHILD CARE FIRE DRILL FORM for EMERGENCY/DISASTER PREPAREDNESS YEAR Fire Drill January February March April May June July August September October November December Kentucky Child Care Regulations:
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Welcome today we're going to create a master copy of the progress report for your files from that master copy we will create individual student progress reports that will also be contained within your files so to begin let's navigate to through the internet to our Prairie spirit school division homepage there might be different ways that you get to that than we do from once you get to the home page at the top of the page you will find some tabs the second one in says portals it's on your left hand side give that one click and that will get you into the portals at the very very bottom of this page you will see enter Prairie spirit school division portals give that one click and now we will have the information that we need for security this information is going to be the same as your email address so just type that in and click OK here we have a list of all the portals that are in prairie spirit school division we are going to look at the list that has staff at the top and go about halfway down until we reach progress report supports give that one click that will take us into the portal that contains many folders these folders you may want to look at later there are a lot of different pieces here that can support you as you fill out the progress reports but what we want to look at right now is the folder that's about halfway down labeled grade 125 progress report templates again give that one click and it will give you a choice of two folders one containing the parent signature page that you might like to use as a page or as a sticker to put on an envelope as well as different templates for the progress report choose today where I'm going to choose grade 3 choose the one that reflects your grade there's also a split that we can talk about later once you choose the progress report it opens up we are still in the portal what we would like to do is to download it so at the top of the page give download one click that will make at the bottom of the page up here a question and it's going to ask you if you would like to save this we are going to click on the little arrow beside save so that we can go save as when we do save as that's going to take us to to our own filing system and take us out of the portal so we are going to go to our own personal documents and in our own documents we will want to put this in a folder that we will be able to retrieve later so we're going to go to the top of the page click on the tab that says new folder we're going to label it and you can decide what makes sense for you I'm going to put progress report for 2013 to 2014 and save them there well and that's so I'm going to click open to open that folder now if now I'm going to put a title on this document so right now it's called grade 3 progress report card fall 2003 and I don't mind all of that but I do want to indicate that this is my master copy and again click Save so now that should be in my filing system so if I close out of the portal now exit out go into my...
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